Welcome to our workshop...

EARTH – WATER – AIR – FIRE: The four elements of the nature are the key components for every ceramic creation.
So, these are the elements that we have used in our workshop since 1981, in order to create ceramics of top quality and high endurance.

The clays we use are selected among the best ones in Europe, appropriate for any use.
The enamels and glazes we use come also from Europe, they are ecological and suitable for home or professional use.

We construct fireproof utensils (ceramic casseroles) which meet your needs, at any dimension you wish.

We also design ceramic wedding favors (bobonieres) at any color or design, at low cost.

Our long-standing experience in the catering and hotel sectors allows us to construct ceramics that meets your special needs,
at any dimensions, with your business logo, if you wish so.

The result of our know-how for making every-day use items and top-quality ceramics was that we have also been preferred
by many customers abroad (from Germany, USA, UK),
where we have been able to come up to the regulatory requirements of each country and to our customers’ expectations and demands.


In our workshop we use clays known for their fireproof and made-for-use properties, as well as enamels and glazes certified by …


Based on our great experience in making ceramics intended for restaurants and hotels, we can create items for your own needs …


In our workshop we endeavor to create ceramics suitable for everyday use, with modern and traditional designs …